Recurring Energy Conservation
  • Apart from voltage stabilization, ENERGX servo voltage stabilizers offer several energy conservation possibilities such as:
  • By optimizing voltage supply to lighting equipments up to 20% energy saving can be achieved along with increased life of bulbs, tubes and accessories.
  • For industrial consumption, similar savings is possible by optimizing the voltage supply to motors. The excessive heating and consumption of motors due to unbalanced voltage can be corrected leading to energy saving and long motor life.
Energx Servo Voltage Stabilizers
Energx servo voltage stabilizers consists of three basic components a motorized variable transformer, a buck boost transformer, and a controller.

Input power is applied across the motor driven variable transformer Which has a center tap that divides that variable transformer into bucking and boosting voltages areas.

The buck-boost transformer is a fixed ratio isolation transformer capable of high amperes at low voltage. The ratio of the transformer is determined by the amount of voltage needed to buck or boost the input line to maintain the specified output level. The buck boost transformer secondary is wired in series with the load and the primary is connected across the variable transformers “Center tap & brush terminals. Depending on which side of the “center tap” (the variable transformer brush is positioned, the variable/buck-boost transformer system will add to (boost) or subtract from (buck) the Input line voltage. The further the variable transformer brush is from the “center tap” the more bucking or boosting of voltage will occur.

The key to the proven reliability and long trouble free service life of a Energx Voltage Stabilizer is in the combination of a motor driven variable transformer With buck boost transformer technology.

  • Quick, steady and accurate correction of voltage
  • Constant output voltage, despite load current variations
  • Balanced output voltage, irrespective of input unbalance
  • Overall energy saving 98% efficiency increased life of your equipment, reduced heating and minimal losses
  • 24 / 7 Customer Support
Typical Applications
  • BROADCAST: Regulations for Radio and TV station transmitters, receivers, and mobile production vehicles
  • COMMERCIAL: High rise building whole floor regulation or power conditioning, input voltage regulation for elevator control and large A/C chillers
  • INDUSTRIAL: Process center power quality improvement, standard or customized test stands for product quality testing or design verification
  • MEDICAL: X-Ray, cat scan, and MRI Power conditioning
  • MARINE: Dockside or shipboard voltage regulation and bower conditioning.
  • CNC: Milling Machine, CNC lathes, EDM’ & Printing Machines


Capacity 3KVAto 1000 KVA 1 KVAvto 50 KVA
Narrow 360 v to 460 v 20 v to 270 v
Input voltage range    
Normal 340 v to 460 v 195 v to 270 v
Wide 295 v to 465 v 170 v to 270 v
Extended 240 v to 465 v 140 v to 270 v
Output Voltage 380 v/400 v/415 v 220 v / 230 v / 240 v
System Unbalanced Unbalanced
Regulation +/-1%  
Efficiency >98% >98%
Input Frequency 50 Hz +/-3Hz 50 Hz+/-3Hz
Wave Form Same as Input Same as Input
Control Circuit Microcontroller based with front panel Calibration Microcontroller based with front panel Calibration
Motor drive Heavy Duty AC Synchronous Heavy Duty AC Synchronous
  Motor Motor
Correction Rate 70 v/sec 35 v/sec
Over Load PH Mains On   Output On Mains On   Output On
  I/P Low/High I/P Low/High
  O/P Low/High O/P Low/High
Metering Digital display to read Digital display to read
  Input & Output Voltage Input & Output Voltage
  Output Current & Frequency Output Current & Frequency
Operating Temperature 45 Degrees 45 Degrees
Duty Cycle Continuous Continuous
Nature of Cooling Air Cooled /Oil Cooled Air Cooled /Oil Cooled
Protections Under Voltage & Over Voltage Under Voltage & Over Voltage
  Over load / short circuit & Phase Sequence Over load / short circuit & Phase Sequence
Stabilizer Standard As per IS 9815 As per IS 9815
Oil Standard As per IS 335 As per IS 335
Variacs 2 Amps to 1000 Amps
Isolation Transformers 1 KVA to 250 KVA Air cooled & Oil cooled
Step-down Transformers 0.5 KVA to 250 KVA Air cooled & Oil cooled
UPS 1 KVA to 50 KVA Online & Offline UPS